The Pendleton Community Public Library accepts donated materials meeting certain criteria. Donated items are typically used to fill the Friends of the Library’s quarterly book sale. Occasionally, donations may be added to the library’s collection to supplement or replace what is already owned. Donated materials not meeting the library’s donation criteria must be disposed of, and this comes at a cost to the library. For this reason, all items should be closely evaluated before donation.

The Pendleton Community Public Library will accept donations of gently used books, audiobooks, magazines, games, puzzles, and AV materials. Donated materials must fit into the guidelines outlined in this policy.

Acceptable donations:

  • gently used books and audiobooks for all ages
  • magazines fewer than five years old
  • DVDs and CDs, in cases, and accompanied by original cover sleeves
  • puzzles and games in like new condition, with no missing pieces

Unacceptable donations:

  • materials that are ripped, stained, or missing pages
  • materials that are water damaged
  • broken audiovisual materials
  • multivolume sets missing parts
  • items exposed to animal waste
  • items exposed to mold or mildew
  • items with strong odors
  • homemade audiovisual materials
  • encyclopedia sets
  • magazines more than five years old
  • textbooks
  • VHS and cassette tapes
  • Readers' Digest condensed books

Donations may not be dropped in the library’s main book returns, nor left at the doors. Donations should be placed in the Friends of the Library room during the library’s normal business hours. There is also a designated drop box on the building for donations that have fewer than ten items.

Upon request, library staff will issue a receipt that summarizes the donation, but a dollar amount will not be assigned.

Adopted by the Pendleton Community Library Board of Trustees
October 12, 2022

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