In the simplest terms, The Friends of the Pendleton Community Public Library are pretty awesome. 
But, if you want to know more than that, keep reading...
The Friends of the Pendleton Community Public Library are a non-profit volunteer organization that helps build a sense of community at the library in a myriad of ways.  
By sponsoring fundraising events such as the annual Lucky Duck Race and quarterly book sales, the Friends are able to help the library and its patrons!  The cafe area in the library is sponsored by the Friends who purchase coffee supplies to make your experience more relaxing and enjoyable.  The Friends fund the purchase of after-school snacks, available for young patrons visiting the library.  The Friends also pay for CPR training for staff members just in case a librarian needs to save your life.  Yes, the Friends are lifesavers in many, many ways.
The Friends coordinate the Reading Friends program, which is a one-on-one reading mentorship for first-graders.  If you've ever wanted a feel-good volunteer opportunity, this is it!  
You know that cool lending tree library by the playground? The Friends of the Library built that whimsical little treehouse by repurposing a tree that was damaged by the tornado.  Take a book to enjoy.  Or leave one so others can create their own memories around books and stories.  Volunteer to be a caretaker of the lending library.
If you want to get involved in supporting the library by becoming a Friend, it's easy.  Just fill out an application.  A volunteer membership is free.  Simply donate five hours per year.  Choose from a variety of activities and events that interest you.  Indicate your volunteer interests by filling out a volunteer profile form.  Or consider becoming a Friends patron and support them financially with a donation. If you're looking to join a fun group of community-minded friends, then look no further.  Whether you bake cookies, take photos, make flyers, or talk to total strangers about what's happening at the library, your volunteer time supports our community. Join today!

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Stop by the Library Front Desk for more information about how to become a Friend of the Library or email for more information.

Everybody is welcome!

Friends of the Library are governed by adopted bylaws and standing rules.

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