Pendleton Community Public Library Three-Year Plan 2022-2024

After a significant remodel and reopening in a pandemic, the library began to see new patrons and different types of patrons using the library. Before the events of 2020, most patrons visited the library to borrow materials, use a computer or attend a children’s program. Now, patrons also visit to use the space. With more people teleworking amidst the pandemic, the library sees regular usage of its 11 new study and meeting spaces. Patrons use the library as workspace where they require basic office equipment as well as high speed internet and free wi-fi to attend virtual meetings.

The pandemic has also required more patrons to interact with the library remotely, and therefore efforts to enhance online interaction with the library will continue. Personalized online readers’ advisory, payment options, and fun and educational programming opportunities will be offered online. The addition of a cloud-based integrated library system also allows more flexibility in taking library services outside of the facility to sign patrons up for library cards, check out or renew items, place holds, and more.

As more young families move into the library’s growing service area, there is more diversity in the library’s population base. It’s important that the library focus on serving our new patrons by growing collections and updating policies that reflect the values of a community that is evolving to become more diverse and inclusive. Likewise, the library is committed to offering programs and services for all patrons, and all patrons are served with respect regardless of differences.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a strain on the library’s financial resources, and the addition of a fire territory in the library’s taxing district puts an additional burden on the library. Library administration will continue to pursue cost-saving initiatives that are as invisible to the library’s patrons as possible. Additionally, the administration and Board are focused on the retention of staff and will work to grow its non-professional wages towards a livable wage in Central Indiana.

The library’s Read ‘n’ Feed program saw an overhaul in late 2021 and will operate in a new service model that does not require the space and expense of a cargo trailer. Additionally, home delivery services have begun to deliver food and books to those who are not able to leave their homes. The library had already been delivering food and books to patrons who request it, but requests have become significant enough that a more structured service model is necessary.

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