Pendleton Community Public Library Three-Year Plan 2019-2021

The goals and objectives of the Pendleton Community Public Library's long-range plan are a mix between enhancing already existing services and taking on new, exciting initiatives. 

Reading will always be the library’s brand, and the Pendleton Community Public Library wants to support readers.  The library looks to expand its services to readers with more meaningful signage in the book stacks, dedicated readers’ advisory services, and robust collection development. 

Adult programming will focus on skills enhancement and civil discourse.  Local tradespeople, artisans, and businesses will be encouraged to teach classes to the general public, supporting local residents, while also offering a greater variety of learning opportunities. 

In a partnership with the local school corporation, the library plans to launch a one-card, one-student initiative where every student in the local school system has access to the library’s digital resources.  In preparation for this initiative, online services for students will be added to the library’s website.  Additionally, the library hopes to offer a tutoring solution for local students who need a little extra help to succeed in school. 

The Pendleton Community Public Library maintains existing technologies while also introducing new technologies and features on its website, such as online room reservation and fee payments.  A computer replacement schedule ensures that all technology remains current and in good working order.  Software enhancements help the library run smoothly while also mitigating online risks. 

In the interest of keeping the library operational and welcoming, major facilities projects are planned, and the library looks to secure funding for those improvements. 

Finally the library has an internal goal to evaluate its policies and procedures to ensure that they match the service philosophy of the library, where "Everybody is welcome!"

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