In an effort to try and maximize board member attendance at library board meetings, members of the Pendleton Community Public Library Board of Trustees may attend meetings electronically. This policy outlines the requirements and limitations for electronic meetings, as set forth in House Enrolled Act 1437. This law was put in effect on April 20, 2021 and is subject to further amendments.

In order to hold electronic board meetings:

  • A Board member must request the meeting be held electronically at least one week prior to the meeting’s start time.
  • The Library must use technology that permits simultaneous communication between board members and also permits the public to simultaneously attend and observe the meeting. The Library is not required to permit the public to attend executive sessions held electronically.
  • All votes taken during a meeting with electronic attendees must be taken by roll call vote.
  • At least 4 members must be present, in person, at each meeting.
  • A member may attend two consecutive meetings electronically, then must attend at last one meeting in person. A member may not attend more than half of the board meetings electronically in any given year, unless the reason is due to:
    • military service;
    • illness or other medical condition;
    • death of a relative, or
    • an emergency involving actual or threatened injury to persons or property.
  • Electronic participation in meetings is not permitted if the board is attempting to take final action to:
    • adopt a budget;
    • make a reduction in personnel;
    • initiate a referendum;
    • establish or increase a fee.

If a document requires a manual signature for attesting or authenticating an obligation issued by the library (bond, not warrant, or other obligation), an electronic signature will have the same force and effect as a manual signature.

During Disaster Emergencies declared by the Governor or local government officials, the Board may meet completely electronically until the disaster or emergency is terminated. During such emergencies, the board may meet using any form of electronic communication as long as the meeting meets the following criteria:

  • at least a quorum of the Board is participating in the meeting either in person or electronically;
  • the public is able to simultaneously attend and observe the meeting (unless it is an executive session);
  • votes are taken by roll call vote.

Meeting memoranda for an electronic meeting must identify the electronic communication mechanism used for the meeting and state the name of each board member who attended electronically and who was absent. All Board meetings held electronically will be recorded, and the recording will be retained until the meeting’s minutes are approved by the Library Board.

Adopted by the Pendleton Community Public Library Board of Trustees
July 14, 2021

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