The purpose of the bulletin boards at the Pendleton Community Public Library is the free exchange of Pendleton-area information to publicize cultural and educational opportunities offered by non-profit organizations. 

Educational and cultural opportunities accompanied by fees may be posted. All related fees should appear on the posting.

Buying, selling and advertising products or services are permitted on library property only in support of the library. Job postings will only be permitted for library-related jobs.

Postings advertising for-profit events, classes or activities are not allowed.

Materials are not displayed or posted which urge votes for or against political candidates or issues. Materials with a political agenda will not be posted.

Notices of one-time church activities, such as public lectures, concerts, and festivals will be considered. Information regarding ongoing church programs will not be posted. This includes Vacation Bible School. Literature promoting specific religious beliefs will not be posted.

All fliers, brochures and posters are to be given to the library director or circulation librarian for review. Items found hanging in the lobby, not previously approved by the library director or circulation librarian may be discarded.

Postings should be attractive, error free and no larger than 8.5' x 11'. Time-sensitive materials should be submitted no more than 30 days before the events and will be discarded after the events they publicize have occurred. Postings may be discarded earlier if space is limited. Items that are not date specific will be discarded after 30 days. Items can be resubmitted after the initial 30 day timeframe for consideration of additional posting time.

Posters, handouts and other materials displayed in the lobby do not constitute endorsement of an activity, event or a group by the library.

Approved by the Pendleton Community Public Library Board of Trustees
August 17, 2016


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