Remodel 2020

The Pendleton Community Public Library will be undergoing some building improvements, beginning this spring! The library is updating its spaces to better serve the growing needs of the community.

What's being done?

  • 8 new study rooms in the adult section
  • 1 new medium-sized conference room
  • 2 new study rooms in the children's section
  • Remodeled children's restrooms
  • An open, interactive children's area with a stage and nature-themed feature
  • Redesigned cafĂ© area
  • Redesigned adult reference desk and office space
  • New Friends of the Library space
  • New flooring throughout
  • Parking lot resurfacing
  • Roof repairs
  • Updated HVAC controls
  • New heat pumps

Meeting Room Space

When the library underwent its long-range planning process a couple of years ago, it became very clear that the community wanted more spaces to meet. So many of our patrons use the library for the space. We see lots of study groups, tutors, teleworkers, and meetings happen here in the library. We only have one enclosed space, and its usually occupied. That leaves these other groups out in the open. We wanted to fill that need. There really isn't any other place in town that offers space like that, free of charge. Some of the new meeting rooms will be available to reserve, and patrons can make reservations online or on their phones. Other rooms will be offered first-come, first-serve. Nine total meeting rooms will be available, accommodating a variety of meetings.

Children's Department

The children's department will also see some significant upgrades. We're improving the overall feel of the children's department. Visitors will find a stage, with a secret neat feature, that really draws you back into an area that will be open and full of things for children to explore. There will be plenty of seating and of course lots of books! We know that kids like to see the covers of books, and the new space will also include some redesigned shelving options that make it fun and easy for kids to select books that they will enjoy.


The library's project also includes some needed facility upgrades like updated HVAC controls, new carpeting, and roof repairs. The carpeting will really update the entire look of the library. We reported 84,800 visits to the library in 2019. This building is heavily used, and we're looking forward to fresh, new carpet. Installing the carpet, however, is not something we are looking forward to! Most people don't think about how massive of a task it is to install carpet in a library. Every single book stack has to be moved, and that will probably require that we close for several days while we work hard to get that done.

April - November

The project is expected to begin in April of 2020 and could be completed as early as November. We just hope our patrons can bear with us while we have construction going on in the library. Things will be moving around, but we'll be there to guide our patrons, as always. We wanted to keep as much of the library open as possible while we are under construction. There will be challenges for sure, but we're keeping our eye on the prize!

Questions or Comments

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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  • Adult Area (as of 06/01/2020)
    Adult Area (as of 06/01/2020)
  • Study Room Bank (as of 06/01/2020)
    Study Room Bank (as of 06/01/2020)
  • Friends of the Library and Meeting Room Spaces (as of 06/01/2020)
    Friends of the Library and Meeting Room Spaces (as of 06/01/2020)
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