Click on the links below to view digitized, historic images of Pendleton circa late 1800s to the mid 20th Century.  You will be taken to Pendleton Library's photo albums on Google Photos.

Historic Pendleton streets                                                                                                           Slides of Pendleton Businesses

Historic Pendleton buildings                                                                                                        Slides of Churches

Historic images of outdoors Pendleton                                                                                       Slides of Falls Park

Historic images of people in Pendleton                                                                                       Slides of Farms and Homes

Historic images of the old Pendleton Library, located on State St.                                             Slides of Schools and Government

Images from the 1910s                                                                                                                Historical Slides (miscellaneous)

Images from the 1920s                                                                                                                Slides of Old Maps

Images from the 1930s

Images from the 1940s

Images from the 1950s

Images from the 1960s

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