When I was in school, my mom was the the editor for the local newspaper. This came in pretty handy when I needed a proofreader for term papers. She always had a keen eye for typos, but she also helped me with sentence structure, organization, and overall flow.
She would go over my work with a fine tooth comb, and with every correction, I would get more and more frustrated with her high standards. It didn't have to be THAT good, did it? Plus, it was past
 my bedtime.

As helpful as she was with my writing, she couldn't help with all of my schoolwork. She couldn't help with algebra. She couldn't help with chemistry. She couldn't even help with French because she speaks fluent Italian instead! There were times I struggled with these subjects, and I could have used a tutor.

At the library we recognize that there will always be students who need a little extra help with their schoolwork. We want to help. Carter Logistics awarded a $2,000 grant to help pay for a subscription to provides students with access to a live tutor who can help with problems in math, science, foreign language, and more. There are additional resources for college students and those who are college-bound. Job seekers can even submit a resume or cover letter for review.

Find on the library's website, beginning in January. It can be accessed from any device, at any location, with your Pendleton Community Public Library card. Many resources are available 24/7, but live tutors are available Monday - Friday from 3 - 10 p.m. and Saturday - Sunday from noon - 7:00 p.m.

Lynn Hobbs
PCL Director

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