Pendleton Community Public Library Three-Year Plan 2016-2018

The long-range plan for the Pendleton Community Public Library positions the library as a valuable, easily accessible community resource that really does have "something for everybody." 

Recent public library trends emphasize usability and ease of access, and the Pendleton Community Public Library is no exception. The library's website is due for a complete overhaul which will focus on easily accessible links and interactive content. Reorganization and repackaging of library collections will attract readers and increase library circulation.

Improvements to the library's facilities address the needs of specific patron groups such as nursing mothers and students and adults needing quiet study space. An experimental kitchen will enhance the mission of the Pendleton Community Garden through its use for cooking demonstrations. And a wi-fi patio will offer connectivity and program opportunities for patrons of all ages to enjoy in an outdoor environment.

The tween population will be better served with space designated just for them. Collections, technologies, and programs will be tailored with their unique needs in mind. A tween advisory board will be formed to solicit the opinions of tweens and help to solidify their involvement in the public library as they transition into young adults.

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Pendleton Community Public Library Technology Plan 2016-2018

The technology plan for the Pendleton Community Public Library addresses internal and external needs that support the total operations of the library. Whereas some of the goals are ongoing to ensure the best possible connectivity, others are intended to improve patrons' experiences and support their individual technology needs. 

In 2016, the local school corporation transitioned to one-to-one. The schools require students to use Chromebooks for their daily schoolwork. In order to support this shift, the library plans to continually monitor its bandwidth, particularly its wireless capacity. The library will begin circulating free wi-fi hotspots in 2016 and will have Chromebooks available for in-house checkout.

The library also plans to seek out solutions that will improve the user experience for patrons. Goals developed towards this end include updating the library's webpage. And, to better serve patrons needing quiet study space, the library‚Äôs Indiana Room will be repurposed into a quiet study room, equipped with new public computers. 

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