Rationale: The Pendleton Community Library does not accept archives or artifacts as a permanent part of its collection; however, the library does maintain some carefully selected items that pertain to the social, economic, cultural, and natural history of Pendleton, Indiana, including state and regional materials. Some of these materials are no longer available for purchase, and information contained therein cannot be located on the Internet. Therefore, “special collections” are held in locked cases, and public access is dictated by this policy.

Scope of Collection: Indiana Room special collections are housed in the locked cabinets within the Indiana Room. This collection includes both published and non-published genealogies, books identified as written by residents of Pendleton, Indiana, materials pertaining to the history and development of the Pendleton Community Public Library, Pendleton school annuals dating back to the early 20th century, and other irreplaceable items, some of which are digitized or in the process of digitization. All items contained in the locked cabinets are listed on the Pendleton Community Public Library’s website.

Terms and Conditions of Use: All materials in the locked cabinets are either fragile, irreplaceable or both. In order to protect these items, while still allowing patron use, the library will implement the following procedure for patron access:

  • Items within the locked cabinets do not circulate; patrons may use them under the supervision of library staff.
  • If a patron wishes to peruse an item from special collections, the patron must request the item(s) from the reference librarian, or from staff if the reference librarian is unavailable.
  • Library staff will retrieve the item(s) requested, and will supervise the materials in use. If the reference librarian is unavailable, the materials, and patron, must move to an area visible to circulation staff.
  • Cabinets will remain locked at all times.
  • Materials that were damaged while in the patron’s possession will be referred to a senior staff member, and the patron may be charged.
  • Photocopying from this collection is permitted when in compliance with U.S. Copyright Laws. Cell phone photos are allowed.
  • All materials must be handled gently, with care and concern for their preservation.

Approved by the Pendleton Community Library Board of Trustees
October 12, 2022

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