The Pendleton Community Public Library recognizes the importance of using social media applications to encourage a partnership between the community and the library. Social media may be used to create a dialogue between the library and its customers regarding library services, resources, library-sponsored events and programs.

Patrons contributing to social media dialogue initiated by the library are expected to follow the basic standards of online etiquette, as well as the Library’s Patron Behavior Policy. The library reserves the right to remove any discussion that is deemed inappropriate. Examples of inappropriate content include, but are not limited to:

  • Obscene, sexist, racist, or intentionally offensive or inflammatory content
  • Personal attacks, insults or threatening language
  • Profanity
  • Potentially libelous and slanderous statements
  • Plagiarized or copyrighted material
  • Private, personal information published without consent
  • Comment links unrelated to the content of the forum
  • Commercial promotions or spam
  • Photos, images, or videos that may fall under the above categories

Content posted by the library is a reflection of the organization, its administration, and staff. Staff who contribute to social media are expected to abide by basic standards of online etiquette. Posts should be fun, but also professional. All posts should be proofread for accuracy. All posted images should be of high digital quality. If a staff member is in doubt about the appropriateness of a post, it should not be posted.

Only staff members who have been given login information for social media are allowed to post on behalf of the library. Once login information has been granted, it may not be shared with anybody, including other staff members. The Library Administration reserves the right to revoke posting rights if any staff member violates the guidelines of this policy.

When using the Library’s social media, staff shall:

  • Conduct themselves professionally as a representative of the Pendleton Community Public Library, as is detailed in the Library’s Code of Ethics.
  • Post positive content related to the library and its services, resources, and events.
  • Avoid posting content for businesses or organizations, unless approved by the director or appropriate department head.
  • Keep confidential information confidential. Do not post information about specific patrons or specific patron activity, without their approval.
  • Use caution by avoiding posts that may start a controversy. Do not share opinions if they may offend.
  • Respond to patron posts only for clarification. Do not engage in confrontation.
  • Observe and abide by all copyright and trademark restrictions.
  • Refer all questions regarding social media to the director.
  • Retain all content required for records retention.

Approved by the Pendleton Community Library Board of Trustees
June 8, 2022

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