PCL Parking Lot Diagram

There are three parking areas owned by the Pendleton Community Public Library.

  1. Behind the library, south of the housing development
  2. In front of the library, north of Water St.
  3. Portions east of the library, west of J.H. Walker Dr. The first two southernmost rows of parking, north of the townhomes, are not library property. These spaces may be occupied by townhome residents and their guests only.

The three parking areas owned by the library are designated for

  • library patrons who are currently using the library.
  • library staff. Spaces near the back staff entrance, facing the pool and the library, are reserved for staff use. The two western-most carports are reserved for library staff.

Unauthorized use of the parking areas includes:

  • Parking vehicles not belonging to patrons using the library.
  • Parking vehicles overnight.
  • Blocking or obstructing library entrances or the book return.
  • Skateboarding and rollerblading.
  • Dumping in the retention pond adjacent to the parking area.
  • Disposing of trash in the library’s bins.

Unauthorized vehicles may be towed, at the owners’ expense.

The library is not responsible for items that are stolen from vehicles or for damage done to vehicles parked on library property.

Adopted by the Pendleton Community Public Library Board of Trustees
June 14, 2023

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