Exam proctoring is a service provided by the Pendleton Community Public Library for individuals taking online or correspondence courses. 

Each student will be assigned to a proctor, who is responsible for making a reasonable effort to insure that the student is behaving ethically while taking the exam. In most cases, a student will be set up in a quiet area of the library where he/she can be monitored. Proctors can insure that students are not interacting with other people or using handheld devices. However, proctors will not monitor a student's online activity while taking a computerized exam. 

It is the student's responsibility to make advance arrangements with his/her instructor to insure that the proctor has the necessary information to proctor the exam. Logins, password, etc., must be received by the proctor at least one day prior to taking the exam. The library requires 48 hours notice for each exam being proctored. This advance notice is necessary so that the library can reserve acceptable space, plan for staff time, and secure a laptop if, needed. If advance arrangements are not provided in accordance with this policy, the exam will not be proctored. Students who fail to keep appointments made with their proctor will lose future proctoring privileges. 

Exam proctoring is a free service to students who live or attend school in the library's service district and individuals with Public Library Access Card (PLAC).  Individuals who do not live or attend school in the library's service district will be charged $10/exam.  The $10 fee applies each time an exam is proctored, including re-taking an exam that was already proctored.

Adopted by the Pendleton Community Public Library Board, July 11, 2018

10 Easy Steps

  1. The current proctor at Pendleton Community Public Library is:
    Jane Corbett
    595 E. Water Street
    Pendleton, IN 46064
    (765) 778-7527 ext. 2109
  2. Please ensure that our proctor has been approved by your school. We are currently on the list of proctors for Indiana (Achieve) Virtual Academy, Vincennes University, BYU, University of Southern Indiana, Columbia College in Missouri, and Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana.
  3. If your school does not list Jane Corbett, at Pendleton Community Public Library, as an approved proctor, contact the school to have the approval forms sent to Jane. Her contact information is above. When those are completed and sent back, typically by fax, you will have a library proctor.
  4. If you are attending one of the above named schools, contact the teacher to inform him/her of your proctoring location and the proctor's contact information.
  5. Contact the proctor to make an appointment to take your test(s). Please call at least 1 week before you would like to take any tests. If you leave a voice mail, please be sure to leave your name and contact information.
  6. Contact the teacher to send necessary information to the proctor. This could be a paper test in the mail, or a password for online tests. Contact information, above, should be shared with the teacher.
  7. Proctoring appointments are scheduled and a room is reserved. If you cannot make your appointment, please call Jane 24 hours in advance.
  8. To take your test with the library proctor, you must show a photo ID, and have any online log in information needed. For example, many schools require your student ID to log on to their test site. Please have all necessary information so that the testing does not have to be delayed or rescheduled.
  9. Proctoring tests is one of the many services provided by your library in Pendleton, Indiana.  However, if you have missed appointments without a 24-hour notice, you may lose the library as your proctoring site. We are happy to serve you in a cooperative manner.
  10. Enjoy your education!

Adopted by the Pendleton Community Public Library Board of Trustees
February 8, 2012

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