In order to support the curriculum in local schools, the Pendleton Community Public Library issues “teacher cards” to those working in educational institutions in Southern Madison County. Teacher cards allow educators to check out materials from the public library without having to charge those items on their personal accounts.

Teacher cards may be issued to teachers in schools, preschools and daycares under these guidelines:

  • It must be verifiable on a yearly basis that the teacher still works at the school, preschool or daycare.
    • South Madison Community School teachers can be verified on the website for their school.
    • For new teacher cards, and for daycares and preschools, the teacher must provide verification of employment with a letter from the agency Director, written on agency letterhead.
  • The teacher must present an Indiana driver’s license or state-issued ID upon registration.
  • A maximum of 50 items may be checked out on teacher cards. (same as regular patrons)
  • Teachers may check out one DVD at a time with the understanding that the film is to be used in the classroom. DVD checkouts are for one week.
  • Books will be checked out for a loan period of 28 days, with no renewals.
  • Other formats carry same checkout and renewal limits as regular patron cards.
  • Teacher cards will expire on July 31st of each calendar year.

The Pendleton Community Public Library will issue library cards to students who do not live in the library’s service district, but attend school in Fall Creek, Green or Adams Townships. Student cards are issued after confirming current enrollment in the local school district. Enrollment may be verified with a student ID, report card, or verification on school letterhead. Students are issued cards according to their age. Adult students are registered as “adult” borrowers, and borrowers under the age of 18 are registered as “juvenile” borrowers. Non-resident student borrowers will have the same borrowing privileges as resident borrowers. However, non-resident student cards will expire on July 31st of each calendar year. Local school enrollment must be verified each year.

Adopted by the Pendleton Community Public Library board of Trustees
January 10, 2024

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