In order to maintain a safe and pleasant environment for all staff and patrons, the Pendleton Community Public Library expects all visitors to exhibit reasonable and respectful behavior. To that end, the following activities are not allowed on library property.

  • Tobacco use and usage of vaping tools
  • Bare feet
  • Use of roller blades/skates, or skateboards, other than for transportation to and from the library
  • Pets, other than service animals
  • Behavior which interferes with the rights and/or activities of other people in the library
  • Public displays of carnal affection
  • Excessive use of profanity and/or harsh language directed towards another person
  • Running, climbing, or other unsafe physical behavior
  • Sustained periods of excessive noise
  • Violation of any other library policy

The Pendleton Community Public Library and its employees assume no responsibility for minor children. Parents/guardians retain full responsibility for minor children under all circumstances, even if they are of an age when they are allowed in the library without supervision.

In the interest of maintaining a safe environment for all patrons, all accidents, injuries, and grievances must be reported to Library Administration within 30 days of occurence.

A violation of this Patron Behavior Policy will result in the loss of Pendleton Community Public Library privileges for the remainder of the day on which the violation occurred. Three documented violations of this policy will result in a revocation of Library privileges for a period of time, as determined by the Pendleton Community Public Library Board of Trustees. The library reserves the right to suspend a patron after one infraction, if the patron engages in illegal activity while on library property or presents a safety concern to patrons or staff.

Any suspension of library privileges for a period of 30 days or more must be approved by the Library Board and will be communicated to the patron, in writing, via certified mail. In the case of a suspension of a minor, the library will attempt to notify a parent/guardian.

Patrons may appeal any portion of this policy to the Pendleton Community Public Library Board of Trustees, however the final decision will rest with the Board.

Adopted by the Pendleton Community Public Library Board of Trustees
November 15, 2023

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