Interlibrary Loan is a service offered to patrons of the Pendleton Community Public Library. The Adult Reference Librarian’s professional duties include developing and maintaining a high-quality collection for a medium-sized library. However, there will inevitably be instances when patrons wish to acquire materials not owned by the Library. In these instances, interlibrary loans will be placed on behalf of the patron. The Library will make every attempt to obtain titles requested by patrons, with the exception of TV series on DVD and items that have been published for fewer than twelve months.

The process for obtaining materials through interlibrary loans is time-consuming, requiring several steps. The request is first generated by the Adult Reference Librarian, who works with the Indiana State Library to deliver materials to the Library for the patron. Once materials are received, they require in-house processing before they can be checked out by the patron. Oftentimes, materials come from out-of-state, and the library is required to pay return postage for these items. Postage fees are paid from library funds as a courtesy to patrons.

There may be times when the number of interlibrary loan requests is considered to be excessive. Because interlibrary loans require significant staff time, fulfilling multiple requests for one patron may become too time consuming, prohibiting staff from performing other required duties. So that efforts to fulfill requests for all patrons are balanced, and the Adult Reference Librarian may more effectively manage his/her time, each patron is allowed four (4) interlibrary loan requests per month.

The reputation of the Pendleton Community Library is at stake when performing interlibrary loans. Libraries that consistently have patrons who lose, damage, or do not return items may be denied future loans. Therefore, patrons who habitually abuse interlibrary loan will be denied the privilege of interlibrary loan service. Patrons with two (2) overdue interlibrary loans, or patrons who fail to pick up two (2) or more interlibrary loans will be denied future requests for the period of six months. The library will also not allow interlibrary loan requests for patrons having fees over $20.00.

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees
January 10, 2024

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