Part of Our Story

May 27, 2019.  It is now a part of our story.  

I have no doubt that in a few years, the Pendleton Historical Museum will have space dedicated to the Memorial Day tornado.  Photos, news articles, artifacts, and documented tales of a community coming together will live among the war uniforms, Mary Aherns paintings, and school memorabilia. All of these pieces put together help us tell our story, the story of Pendleton, Indiana.

On the Wednesday after the storm, I headed to Falls Park to listen to the local press conference.  Walking through muddy tire treads, and carefully stepping over power lines and tree limbs, I made my way to the gazebo where I saw lots of familiar faces.  I asked after their families and homes.  Everybody had a story to share, their accounts of rattling garage doors, trembling children, and stubborn pets.  We will all remember May 27, 2019 and the days that follow.  Because it is now a part of our story.

At the library, we collect stories.  Lots of them. And on June 1st, we are kicking off our summer reading program with the theme, "A Universe of Stories."  At the library, you can find stories of adventure, romance, and triumph. You can find stories of treacherous journeys through fantastic lands and biographies of war veterans, movie stars, and politicians...all rich narratives of hard-fought victories, humbling defeats, and improbable heroism.  

The story of Pendleton, Indiana is still going, and I am certain that the best is yet to come. But, May 27, 2019 will remain a significant chapter.  It is now a part of our story.

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