The library is in search of Cadets aged 7 – 12 to help launch Mission 595!


Mission 595 is an after-school program where kids complete STEAM challenges.  Challenges range from completing gravity mazes and snap circuits to making Osmo pizzas and creating song loops on GarageBand. 

Cadets visit the children’s program room, AKA “Mission Control,” to page through a binder that contains nearly 200 challenges.  Kids select their own challenges, and when the challenge has been completed, points are earned.  Points can be spent at the Space Store which stocks items like candy, bracelets, pencils, and keychains.  Kids can also earn points for game time on a HUGE 65” screen.

Points are tracked by Mission Mentors and each Cadet gets to move their badge further up the points board and into the atmosphere.  Cadets who complete specific sets of challenges can earn all of the badges listed below. 

Aviator badge icon1
Astronaut badge icon1


Once Commander level is achieved, the Cadet is then eligible to become a Mission Mentor!

To learn more about Mission 595, watch this video of the Digital Climbers program, created by the Muncie Public Library.

Check the library’s calendar to see when the next mission is scheduled to launch.

Mission 595 is sponsored through an educational grant from

Mission 595 is a pilot of Digital Climbers, created by the Muncie Public Library, Muncie, Indiana.

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