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The Pendleton Community Public Library offers public usage of its community room. This room provides seating for up to 100 people or can be divided into two separate rooms, each capable of seating about 50.  Please be aware that the community room is regularly booked, particularly during evening and weekend hours. 

Simply click on the link below, and then select the green circle in the lower right-hand corner to begin.

At this time, we are limiting usage of the community room.  We would ask that you only make a booking for small groups of people if it is absolutely necessary.  Please contact the library directly to do so.

Request Use of Community Room


Community Room Amenities

The room is equipped with a kitchenette to handle light refreshments.  A dry erase board, DVD player, screen, LCD projector, and laptop are available for use, with advance notice.  Internet connections and wi-fi are also provided.  There is ample parking to the east of the library, and there is a dedicated entrance for the community room.  Chairs and tables will be available in each meeting room. Groups will be responsible for setting up the room in the way they desire, as well as restoring the room to the condition in which it was found. Please allow for this extra time when booking your reservation.  Library staff is not responsible for re-arranging the meeting room.


Community Room Policy

There are some restrictions for use of the community room. To determine if your group is eligible to use the room, please review the Community Room Policy.

Community Room Policy

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